Raising capital is a crucial step intended for entrepreneurs, and it can also be a stress filled process. Luckily, the right equipment can help generate it much easier and more reliable for you to communicate with investors, discuss documents and manage capital-raising activities.

Growth capital raising software combines all of the equipment you need to coordinate your raise, track progress and make your investor experience. By simply automating operations and making it easy for everyone involved to access important documents, you can reduce the risk of mistakes, increase the close and focus on building long-term romantic relationships with your traders.

Dynamo’s growth capital raising software helps you to structure the process of sharing marketing materials, communicating with prospects and taking information demands within a one system. Make use of platform to handle your entire capital raise, which includes www.electronicdataroom.net/different-types-of-software keeping track of contributions and distribution obligations with current communication. The platform also lets you integrate with Preqin for the purpose of contact and investor category and certification, and can be customized to fit your company and customer experience.

Together with the platform, you can even share paperwork with a global community of GPs and LPs, coming from large monthly pension funds to individual consultants, foundations and endowments. Streamline data collection processes, inform your prospect list to newly created documents and generate activity reports to monitor and gauge trader interest. You may also white label your VDR and calls to build trader confidence and create a soft user experience across most channels. Mitigate risk by simply encrypting very sensitive files and providing self-destruct functionality, regardless of where they are saved or distributed.

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